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Fire Pony front and back covers
Fire Pony
ISBN 978-0-9852582-1-4
by Sheila Ruble
Cover & Illustrations by
Robert Ruble
-Pig 2-Front Cover.jpg
Dont Park on a Pig!
Second Edition
ISBN 978-0-9852582-3-8

In Don’t Park on a Pig, a picture book for 3 to 5 year olds, whimsical illustrations and a simple rhyming text combine to deal with a serious subject, the importance of being kind and respecting the feelings of others.


Each picture is designed to help young children recognize various emotions and to think about alternative ways to interact with other individuals, no matter who they might be.


Parents and educators can encourage youngsters  to invent their own stories about what is happening in each scene and  perhaps talk about what it means to be a bully or to be bullied themselves. The turn-the-tables ending shows what might be the consequence of an unkind action or a lack of empathy.

Fishing Dog book cover
Listening to Stones book cover.jpg
The Fishing Dog and Other Poems

ISBN xxx-x-xxxxxxx-x-x


The Fishing Dog is a picture book full of poetic insights into animal behavior from a personal point of view. Meet the dog who loves to fish, a horse that hates to take medicine, an ambitious cat who tries to catch a great horned owl for dinner, and many other real-life characters in this humorous collection of children’s poems about animals living on the author’s ranch. Striking illustrations capture the essence of each animal’s unique personality, wild or domestic.

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Listening to Stones
ISBN 1-932636-10-2
Lib. of Congress Control # 2004109681

A collection of poems for adults  published in 2004, co-authored by Sheila Ruble and Janet Meury. Themes encompass love, loss, and the natural world.

Out of print
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